GenCap provides its clients with superior performance utilizing a broad range of real estate investment strategies, property types and capital structures. The firm combines its institutional investment management experience and asset management expertise to deliver superior performance to its partners. Accordingly, GenCap has demonstrated its ability to create value through applying its skills in active management, diligent operational expertise and asset repositioning.

GenCap targets both core and opportunistic real estate investment opportunities to suit its clientele’s diverse risk and return requirements. It achieves its performance through both separate account and fund formats. Whether undertaking the formation of a fund or handling the individual account of a private family, the strong alignment of interests between the firm and its clients and local partners has contributed to the long-term success of the firm.

GenCap’s strategic approach to real estate investment balances core asset and opportunistic approaches, with a commitment to capital preservation, cash-flow stability, and long-term growth.


GenCap provides in-depth real estate research aimed at uncovering underlying economic factors, current cycles and local market conditions, to help balance portfolio assets by class and geographic diversity.


Based on research, GenCap seeks to identify areas of competitive advantage where core, core plus or unique opportunities meet with the firm’s inherent strengths. By applying in-depth market knowledge, particular areas of real estate expertise, or a well-planned transactional strategy, GenCap successfully negotiates consistently favorable risk/return decisions.


GenCap has built strong relationships with reputable real estate operating companies in major real estate markets throughout the United States, enabling the firm to offer clients investment opportunities in economically diverse markets, thereby mitigating risk through geographical and product diversification.

Risk Management

GenCap, like its clientele, is risk averse. GenCap does not overexpose the firm or its clients to any one market or asset allocation. Nor, does the firm overexpose itself to financial leverage or mismatched maturities of financial instruments.