• A commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in all our relationships
  • A commitment to the highest standards of transparency as shown in our strict internal controls and timely, accurate financial reporting
  • An alignment of interests with our investors and other stakeholders as demonstrated by the structure of our compensation and commitment of the firm’s capital alongside that of our partners
  • A client first attitude in all that we do. We structure our relationships to hold ourselves accountable to our partners, insuring that we always put our client’s interests first
  • A commitment to disciplined and intelligent investment practices that are research based and mitigate risks wherever possible

GenCap’s team is comprised of highly educated and experienced real estate professionals who have worked together for over a decade. The staff is comprised of multinational veterans who are highly experienced in the issues facing non-domestic as well as U.S. real estate investors. Our multicultural mindset and multilingual communication skills, combined with a unique blend of real estate experience, provides the firm an edge in understanding the needs of our clients.